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Whether you're a hardened criminal or a law-abiding citizen who got caught up in the heat of the moment; you deserve a robust criminal defense that seeks to beat your case or get you the best deal possible. If you've been arrested or charged with a crime and need an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer, contact RC Enterprise Law today. We'll provide you with a free case evaluation and offer our professional guidance and services if needed.

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in Fort Lauderdale?

Often, people choose to represent themselves in court because they wrongly assume that they can't afford a lawyer. However, they could actually save thousands of dollars by investing a little money in a lawyer at the outset. While this may seem counterintuitive, it's actually quite true. How so? It's true in many ways.

At RC Enterprise Law, we get calls from clients all the time who have been convicted of a crime or even a misdemeanor five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago. Now, the individual has a tough time getting a job or getting credit, and upon the application, they get rejected because of their prior criminal conviction. Sadly, we are often unable to help them. The problem is usually that they didn't hire a criminal lawyer when they had their original problem.

If you don't hire a criminal specialist when you are charged with a crime, the result is often that you can't get that case sealed, expunged, or off the record. Therefore, it's extremely important that if you or your loved one has been charged with a crime, you should hire a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer now. Doing so can save you unseen amounts of money that you'll lose in income because you can't get the high-paying job. It's impossible to say what a criminal lawyer will cost you without consulting first, but rest assured, it will be worth it.

What Can a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

The first thing that a criminal lawyer can do is to have contact with you and with the prosecuting attorney on your case. We will try to influence the prosecutor to get your cases dismissed. An arrest doesn't have to equal a conviction. If you've been arrested for a criminal charge, the lawyer you hire today could have a conversation and try to influence your case from not being filed and therefore dismissed.

The second thing a lawyer can do for you today is, if you've been arrested for a serious charge, your lawyer can influence the prosecutor to file a lesser charge. This can set your case up for sealing or expungement in the future.

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer is Worth it!

Sometimes, a little bit of time on the front end can ensure for you that, in the future, your case can be sealed or expunged. For example, if you walk into court and accept the first offer the government throws at you, it may involve a criminal conviction that stays on your record forever and has a negative effect on your ability to earn a living.

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fort lauderdale dui lawyer

 If you or a family member has been charged with a DUI, having a Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer in your corner is the best-case scenario for nearly everyone. But why hire a DUI lawyer when you could get a public defender? Should you use a public defender or a private attorney for a DUI case? The most obvious benefit of having a public defender over a private DUI lawyer is that there is no cost for public defenders, but private attorneys cost money.

Now, this is not to say that a public defender is a bad attorney. However, a public attorney's caseload is usually very large. Therefore, he or she may not have the time to devote to the specifics of your case or be available when you need questions answered or want to address concerns. When hiring a private DUI attorney, you get to interview and choose the attorney you feel comfortable working with. On the other hand, a public defender is random, and you're just kind of stuck with whoever you get.

Why Choose a DUI Speciality Lawyer from RC Enterprise Law?

If you are considering accepting the services of a public defender, you'll be missing out a key advantage that private DUI attorneys provide for their clients - specialization. Your public defender will be working with several different types of criminal cases, whereas, a DUI attorney specializes exclusively in DUIs. While RC Enterprise Law offers a wide range of legal services and practices, we have specialists who work exclusively with DUI cases.

Think about it this way; if you need an operation on your foot, would you rather see a general surgeon or a foot and ankle specialist? The general surgeon might suffice, but having a specialist is always ideal. The same is true in regards to DUI law.

How Can You Beat Your DUI Charge?  

When you have a DUI arrest, having an experienced DUI attorney who understands the ins and outs of DUI law and the technology that's used in creating a DUI defense makes a world of difference. Whether you decide to use a private attorney or public defender; don't go into your DUI case alone! RC Enterprise Law would be glad to provide you with a free DUI case analysis. Just give us a call.

At RC Enterprise Law, our Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers have in-depth knowledge of DUI laws and technicalities. We can make sure that the arresting police behaved properly and that there was probable cause for the stop that led to your arrest. If not, then by law, your whole case has to be thrown out with everything found. We'll look at how the breathalyzer was used and make sure it is updated and in compliance with legal standards.

Contact RC Enterprise Law for a Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Today

If you have a DUI case in Fort Lauderdale, our experienced DUI lawyers have worked with the various judges and prosecutors that handle DUI cases. This can help you when determining how to plea. After being arrested for a DUI, your driver's license will likely be suspended.

fort lauderdale dui attorney

If you are in need of a reputed Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, then you are in the right place now! RC Enterprise Law specializes in criminal law and business law with a team of experts devoted exclusively to each of our respective practices. In the case of needing a DUI attorney, we hope that you find this information immediately following your DUI arrest. The information we're about to share with you could be the difference between being found not guilty or guilty.

What to Do After Being Arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale?

Rule number one when being arrested for a DUI charge is to not take the ostrich approach by sticking your head in the sand. By not recognizing the severity of the charges being brought against you, a DUI conviction on your driver's license can remain with you many, many years to come. This will affect your ability to get credit, obtain certain jobs, and it will affect your ability to drive. Do not underestimate the severity of this incident, even if it's your first DUI.

Hire the Best Attorney for DUI in Fort Lauderdale!

Another mistake that people arrested for DUIs often make is that they hire the wrong attorneys. You might think that just any criminal defense lawyer will do when searching for a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, but it could make all the difference in your case if you find a DUI lawyer who specializes in DUI law. At RC Enterprise Law, we offer legal assistance for several areas of business and criminal law, but we have DUI attorneys in Fort Lauderdale who specialize in DUI.

Don't Plead Guilty at Your First Court Hearing!

In most cases, you will be released on your own recognizance following your first DUI arrest, assuming that there are no aggravating circumstances in your case. If this is not your first DUI, you may be required to post bail to get out of jail before your case is resolved. Often, people will plead guilty at their first court appearance to 'get it over with,' but they don't realize that they're not getting anything 'over with.' They're actually just getting started with the ramifications to come. Never plead guilty at your first hearing or before speaking with a DUI attorney!

DUI cases are the kinds of cases that regularly get thrown out based on technicalities. Just because your BAC was high, it doesn't necessarily equate to an automatic conviction. There may still be criminal defenses for you. For example, did the law officer execute a valid traffic stop? If not, everything they found must be thrown out. Did the law officer have a valid basis for the arrest? Were the rules and regulations of the Intoxilyzer operated and updated properly? Despite the original facts; if the answer is 'no' to any of these questions, then your entire case may be thrown out!

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If you would like to speak with a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney who knows the ins and outs of DUI law like their backs of their hand, contact RC Enterprise Law today for a free consultation. We're glad to help.

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