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If you would like legal representation or advice from a Fort Lauderdale attorney, contact RC Enterprise Law today. We provide free consultations to the public, and we practice in several distinct areas of law with legal experts who specialize in each practice. We'd be glad to listen to the circumstances of your case, provide you with sound legal counsel, and represent you in your cause if our legal services are wanted. But it all starts with a phone call!

Start the conversation today and let us know how we can assist you. If we can't provide you with the legal help you need, our A+ reputation in Fort Lauderdale means that we can connect you with the best attorneys in the area that you have a need.

Best Fort Lauderdale Attorney for Criminal Cases

If you have been charged with a crime, don't tempt fate! The state of Florida is notorious for being excessively hard on people who are convicted of crimes, even for seemingly small matters. For example, you probably don't want to spend months or even years behind bars for a marijuana joint. Yet, that kind of overly harsh punishment is handed out in Florida criminal courts every day.

RC Enterprise Law is a fairly large law firm with some of the most experienced attorneys in their respective practices in Fort Lauderdale. That is why we can provide such a vast array of legal services. And while we practice in different areas of law, we have expert lawyers who specialize in their respective fields, not just a small handful of lawyers who offer the entire buffet of legal help.

Best Fort Lauderdale Attorneys for Athletes and Entertainment Professionals

Representing athletes is not something that every law office in Fort Lauderdale has the capacity to do. Athlete representation is a highly specialized field of practice, and our lawyers are some of the best at what they do. From branding deals and licensing agreements to fighting criminal accusations and asset/estate planning; our athlete representation is the best Fort Lauderdale!

Entertainment professionals are susceptible to an entirely different area of legal needs and entanglements. From trademarks and film production agreements to 360 deals and publishing, and everything in-between; our RC Enterprise Law is the best out there!

Start Your Attorney Search with RC Enterprise Law

Whatever your legal need is; having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney can make a world of difference. At RC Enterprise Law, we have numerous clients who trust us to give them guidance and representation because we have earned the trust of the communities we serve. We provide top-notch legal services from the best attorneys in our area.

If you would like to learn more about legal services, please feel free to explore our website or call us at any time during normal business hours. We can't help everyone, but we do our best to listen to everyone and connect them with the resources and services they need, whether those be with us or another law firm.

To see complete list of all of our criminal defense practices, visit the following page on our website:

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fort lauderdale criminal defense attorney

At RC Enterprise Law, we've stood before many juries before, and we believe that America is the last true form of justice for the accused. If you have been accused of a crime, be thankful that you are in the United States where you have the right to a fair trial. Sadly, this isn't the case in many countries around the world.

Every day, people in America are accused of crimes that they may not have committed. Being in the courthouse or in a courtroom in front of a jury of your peers might seem like a scary place to be, but this is the purest sense of justice takes place!. This is where all the facts are stated and decided. With a professional criminal defense attorney in your corner, the justice system doesn't have to be intimidating.

When the criminal justice system doesn't work in favor of someone, they often have a tendency to denounce it as if there is something wrong with it. While the US justice system isn't perfect, it's the closest thing to perfect on the planet today.

What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

RC Enterprise Law represents people who have been convicted of crimes in federal, state, and city court. We represent individuals who are faced with losing their licenses, losing their livelihoods, and losing their freedom.

Get a Group of Lawyers on Your Case 

At RC Enterprise Law, we believe that the people who come to us for legal assistance deserve the very best that we have to offer. One of the things that make our law firm unique and special is that we have a team of excellent lawyers, many of whom have been specializing in different areas of law for many years.

Having the ability to work with lawyers with different skills sets, specializing in different areas of practice, and coming from different legal backgrounds, allows us to provide better legal representation for our clients.

Individually, our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys are worth their weight in gold. Collectively, our clients get more than they bargained for. When handling cases as a group, our law office can handle these cases exceptionally well, coming up with an incredible defense each time. Our defense strategies are creative and thorough so that we can always look back with no regrets for every client.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, chances are; it's because you are in a bad position legally. Perhaps someone has made a claim against you, a loved one, or a friend. Because of the allegations, you're facing, you could be looking at a loss of freedom, money, loss of your professional license, and the loss of your good name.

At RC Enterprise Law, our experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys practice in courts of law every day. If you need a criminal defense, feel free to give us a call. We're more than happy to sit down with you or your family and go over your entire case.

fort lauderdale criminal attorney

If you or someone you care for has found themselves in hot water with the criminal justice system, and you need a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney to provide legal assistance, feel free to call RC Enterprise Law for a free case evaluation. Although America is by far home to the best criminal justice system in the world, justice isn't always served in American courtrooms. Most often, a criminal lawyer on the side of the defendant is all that is needed to ensure rights are honored, prosecutors play fair, and justice is served.

Should I Hire a Criminal Attorney if I'm Guilty?

Even if a person is convicted of a crime, they still deserve to have their story heard. They deserve to have an attorney on their side who paint the total picture of the individual to the judge or jury. This includes who the person is as an individual and the full details surrounding their case. All-too-often, prosecutors do an excellent job of painting defendants in the worst possible light and blowing facts out of proportion.

Additionally, everyone is entitled to a quality defense under the law. Whether you're a good person who made a mistake or a career criminal; the United States affords you certain rights and privileges. Without a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, you may find yourself down a creek without a paddle.

What's the Benefit of Hiring Criminal Attorney?

Having a criminal charge against you can be scary. After all, the ramifications of a conviction can last a lifetime, and the uncertainties of what's next can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to go to jail or lose their livelihood. Whether your case is a domestic battery, a DUI, or anything else; having a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney in your corner can make all the difference. We're here to stand up for you so that you are not completely at the mercy of the prosecutor who wants to get you convicted, whether you're guilty or not.

Many of our clients wish to plead guilty. In such cases, RC Enterprise Law can usually work out plea deals with the prosecution that the individual would never get on their own. When going to trial, we'll make sure that your rights are advocated for. We'll hire expert witnesses if needed; we'll hire private investigators, conduct depositions and more. We'll cross-examine witnesses and present your character and circumstances in the best possible light. Because some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale work for us, more people come to use when they're in a jam.

Why People Come to RC Enterprise Law for Criminal Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

One of the reasons why our neighbors trust us when they need a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney is that our law office is honest. We provide free case evaluations for all of our prospective clients. If we don't believe that we can get you the kind of result that you expect, we'll tell you. We're not going to tell you what you want to hear just to get your business.

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