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Regardless of your need, having a premier Broward County lawyer in your corner can add massive value to your case, business, or situation. While there are some benefits that apply to everyone who has a lawyer, the benefits of obtaining legal representation vary from case to case. But again, adding an experienced lawyer to your team can add massive value to your situation. Overall, the best benefit of having a lawyer is having a well-tuned legal mind.

Broward County Lawyers Provide Legal Reasoning

A jogger runs on a beach past a sign that says '$100 Fine for Littering,' A few steps past the sign, the jogger pauses to eat a banana. When he's done, he throws the banana peel on the ground. A police officer sees the incident, and she recalls that her supervisor did not issue a ticket to someone who poured coffee on the ground, but the supervisor did issue a ticket to someone who threw a candy wrapper on the ground. Should the officer issue a ticket to the jogger?

While this is a basic example and the legal principles within would not apply to everyone, this simple illustration allows us to analyze legal reasoning. Legal reasoning is simply rule-based reasoning. The best Broward County lawyers can apply legal reasoning to your case.

Legal Reasoning Like a Broward County Lawyer

Here, the rule is simple; $100 Fine for Littering. But what does littering mean? Here, littering is potentially ambiguous. When a rule is ambiguous, lawyers look to see how the rule was applied in prior situations or precedents.

By comparing the facts of current cases against those of precedents, a great lawyer can readily determine how the law will apply to your case. This process of comparing is known as Analogical Reasoning. Analogical reasoning is just legal jargon that means comparing two or more things.

In the first case, someone who poured coffee on the ground was not ticketed for littering. However, someone who threw a candy wrapper on the ground was ticketed. Here's the point of comparison: Is the banana peel more like coffee or more like a candy wrapper? If it is more like coffee, then the officer should not issue a ticket. But if the banana peel is more like a candy wrapper, then the officer should issue a ticket.

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While this is a very rudimentary example of how lawyers think, it is crucial in every legal matter - criminal matters, business matters, and every other kind of legal situation. At RC Enterprise Law, our Broward County Lawyers are the cream of the crop. Not only do our lawyers have great legal minds, but they also know the law in their respective fields like the backs of their hands.

When you choose a lawyer from RC Enterprise Law, you know you are getting the best of the best. In today's complex world, having a Broward County Lawyer is not a luxury; it's a necessity.

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broward criminal lawyer

For a Broward criminal lawyer who is known for beating cases, getting cases dismissed, and getting the best possible plea deals for clients, contact RC Enterprise Law. Here, we have a team of defense lawyers who specialize in criminal law. We take our obligation to provide an outstanding legal defense for our clients seriously. With our skills, knowledge, experience, and training, you can rely on us to do just that - provide an excellent legal defense!

Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Broward County if I'm Guilty?

Whether a client is guilty or innocent really doesn't matter to us. It is the judge's or the jury's job to determine whether or not our clients are guilty. This is problematic for some who are more prosecutorial-minded than defense-minded. They think that defense lawyers are crooks because we work to get people who may or may not be guilty off the hook. However, these individuals tend to have a very narrow understanding of how the criminal justice system actually works.

Think about it like this; when an individual is charged with a crime, the state government or the federal government (both of whom have an endless wealth of resources) will spare no dime and leave no stone unturned to prosecute the accused. Once they've made up their minds to prosecute someone, there is seldom anything that will make them change their course. It is not their job to determine whether an individual is guilty or not. Rather, it is their job to secure a conviction, right or wrong. Therefore, having a legal defense that works just as hard on behalf of the accused is the only way to balance the scales of justice.

Why Hire a Broward Criminal Lawyer?

Additionally, RC Enterprise Law strongly supports the idea of 'Innocent until proven guilty,' which is more than just an idea - it's a constitutional protection! Yet, just like the auto mechanic overcharges people whom he knows aren't informed about vehicles and auto mechanics pricing; so does the prosecutor often violate the constitutional rights of defendants who don't know their rights. One-on-one, the average person has no chance in a courtroom alone against a prosecutor.

Of course, no judge or prosecutor in their right minds would say that. They will claim that they are providing the presumption of innocence and upholding the 'Innocent until proven guilty' model, but their actions and attitudes often indicate otherwise. When you select a Broward criminal lawyer from RC Enterprise Law to represent you, we hold the opposing parties accountable. We'll make sure your constitutional rights are upheld.

Protect Yourself with a Broward Criminal Attorney from RC Enterprise Law

Beyond that; RC Enterprise Law provides sound legal counsel and defense services. We dig deep, conducting depositions, hiring expert witnesses, and cross-examining witnesses at trial. This, and more, in addition to making sure your rights are respected. By having our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on your team, we'll be able to secure a result that you could not get on your own.

lawyer fort lauderdale

RC Enterprise Law is where you can find a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who can provide you with the legal services you need. Whether you need representation, legal advice, a staff lawyer, business incorporation, contract services, or any of a variety of other legal services; RC Enterprise Law can help. Just give us a call for a free case evaluation. We'll listen to your needs and advise you on how to proceed.

Who's the Best Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale?

When you need a lawyer Fort Lauderdale, why not make RC Enterprise Law your first consideration? RC Enterprise Law isn't the oldest law firm in Fort Lauderdale, but we in our relatively short time in practice, we have earned a solid reputation for being trustworthy, hard-working, dedicated, and we win a lot!

When you combine the quality of services we provide, backed by our expertise and knowledge, along with our highly competitive prices; there's no doubt that you can find the best lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at RC Enterprise Law.

Full-Service Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

At RC Enterprise Law, we provide top-notch legal services in several distinct practices, including criminal law, business law, entertainment law, intellectual property law and litigation, estate planning and asset management, corporate law, real estate, and athlete representation. We have lawyers who specialize in each area of law. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you hire a lawyer from RC Enterprise Law, you're getting the services of a specialist in that are of law.

The experienced lawyers of RC Enterprise Law pride ourselves on being a full-service law firm. We provide exceptional legal services for our clients. Because we have lawyers who specialize in different areas of law, we are often able to consult amongst each other and work together to save our clients money and to provide the best representation imaginable.

Why Hire a Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale?

What makes RC Enterprise Law different from other lawyers in Fort Lauderdale is the passion and zeal that we bring to the table. It's also our belief in the goodness of people and the American dream that makes us stand out from other law firms in Florida. We love our country, and we love to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we represent. In a world full of stress and strife, it can be very reassuring to know that there are people who care who can help you out of almost any legal entanglement.

Talk with a Lawyer Today Regarding Your Case

RC Enterprise Law proudly serves Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. We provide legal services that make a real difference. Regardless of what the nature of your case is; it's never advisable to enter into a legal matter by yourself. Instead, get a legal pro on your side. RC Enterprise Law provides free case evaluations for individuals who are interested in employing our services. Give us a call today to discuss the details of your case, and we'll advise on you the best course of action.


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