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Bad Faith Lawyer Kansas City

Insurance is a fundamental part of your well-being. It is a guarantee that covers you in case of an unexpected event. However, no matter how much they reaffirm it in their promise of value, insurance companies do not always look out for the interests of their customers. In the end, they are private companies, and their ultimate goal is to make a profit. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes, the profitability that insurance companies obtain is at the expense of their policyholders.

It is not a question of collecting annual fees: they treat the client unfairly, fail to honor their commitments, or twist things in their favor. In this way, they avoid canceling fair compensation, and it is the client who pays the consequences.

Fortunately, there are legal resources that protect people in the event of malicious behavior on the part of their insurance company. If you are a victim of these cases of bad faith, you should know what to do to claim your rights.

What Is Bad Faith In Insurance?

The bad faith of insurance companies or insurance fraud refers to when the company treats a client unfairly. This unjustified treatment includes different ways in which the company prevents the client's right to obtain the compensation stipulated in the insurance policy. The most common cases of bad faith are:

  • Refusing to pay a claim
  • Unreasonably delaying a payment
  • Completely terminating insurance protection
  • Ignoring evidence presented during the investigation
  • Make partial payments on claims
  • Offers a lower indemnity than that stipulated in the policy

It should be noted that each insurance policy involves an “Agreement of Good Faith and Fair Negotiation.” This means that both parties must be honest and act fairly according to the policy and the terms contracted. This includes full compensation to the insured, promptly and when appropriate. If you would like the advice of the best bad faith lawyer in Kansas City contact us;at Bautista Leroy Trial Attorneys we will be happy to assist you.

You Are Entitled to Fair Payment of the Company's Obligations

This type of action on the part of the insurance company is considered an illegal act or civil damage. If you as the insured have been harmed in any of these ways, you can file a lawsuit. These are the two main claims you can make for damages in bad faith:

  1. Compensatory Damages: claiming compensation for money owed to you
  2. Punitive Damages: money that the company must pay you as punishment for their wrongdoing

What to Do in Cases of Bad Faith?

If you are a victim of your insurance company's malicious actions, the wisest thing is for you to have the extraordinary assistance of a bad faith lawyer like Bautista Leroy. First, the litigant will know your case and help you determine if a lawsuit is viable.

The lawyer will then proceed to negotiate with the other party to see if a settlement is possible. Otherwise, the lawyer will set out the lawsuits and ask for the claims relevant to your case. If you need assistance from the most outstanding bad faith lawyer in Kansas City contact us;Bautista Leroy and his team are ready to defend you.

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