Firm Attorneys

Ariana Rubio Di Natale
Attorney At Law

Ariana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela but in the firm’s view, she is an embodiment of the “American Dream.” Growing up, Ariana was always enticed by the legal profession. Upon turning 17, she made the extremely difficult decision to leave both her family and hometown to move to the United States in pursuit of her lifelong vision of becoming an attorney. As a result of being raised in a country like Venezuela, specifically during the 1990s and early 2000’s, Ariana has a thorough understanding of not only the importance of living (or not) in a democracy, but also the seriousness of being part of and upholding a fair and just legal system that provides constitutional rights for all citizens alike. For many of us born in the United States, we sometimes take our democratic form of government for granted; however, for someone like Ariana who unwillingly learned the devastating repercussions of nondemocratic societies at a young age, there is a natural impetus instilled within her to uphold the integrity and equal application of American law. For Ariana, the practice of law is much more than a job… it is both an honor and moral responsibility to seek justice for those who need professional guidance.

Ariana graduated from the University of Miami in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in international Relations along with minors in both Political Science and Marketing. After college, Ms. Rubio took the opportunity to work for one of the largest maritime companies in world, Maersk Group, as an intern in the “Svitzer” Business Development department. This experience provided an in depth understanding of international commerce where she worked closely in the development of global financial models as well as the dissemination of data specifically tailored to the needs of worldwide shipping ports.

Thereafter, Ms. Rubio attended the St. Thomas University School of Law earning her Juris Doctorate degree in the summer of 2020. While in law school, Ariana served as the President for the St. Thomas Trial Team, a prestigious honors organization for trial advocacy. During this time, Ariana also gained significant and wide-ranging legal experience working in both the public and private sector. Whether it was clerking at a large litigation firm or working in the legal department for the City of Hialeah, these broad experiences cultivated and sharpened the requisite skill sets of what the firm believes to be the recipe for an ideal legal practitioner.

Ms. Rubio was admitted to the Florida Bar in November of 2020 and is currently awaiting licensure in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Given her extensive legal and multicultural background, coupled with her natural brilliance and God given ability, the Firm is both honored and privileged to have Ariana Rubio Di Natale on the team as an Associate attorney