Firm Attorneys

Paul Kowalek
Attorney At Law

Paul Kowalek was brought into this firm for his extensive criminal defense and in-court experience. He is a trial attorney. Confident in the courtroom, he has successfully represented individuals charged with a wide range of criminal violations including violent felonies, distribution of illegal narcotics, and DUIs. Through his prior experience as a Public Defender, Paul is no stranger to daily court appearances sitting side by side with his clients. He prides himself on continuously striving to be the best attorney in the courtroom providing the zealous and passionate representation that his client’s deserve. He is adamant about upholding the constitutional rights of all persons accused and holding police accountable for their actions in opposing the allegations set forth by the State to the fullest extent of the law.  With a regular case load of several hundred cases at one time, Paul has conducted hundreds of depositions and several bench and jury trials in both the misdemeanor and felony level. He understands that preparedness is the greatest ally of a trial attorney. Prior to serving the community as a public defender, Paul worked at a civil litigation firm making him a perfect fit and an asset for the Firm.

Paul’s interest in the arts lead him to an English Degree from Temple University, in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Although filled with a vibrant downtown, Philadelphia is in economic and social turmoil. There, his interest in criminal justice grew watching unfair police practices and an often unfair criminal justice system. Despite his affection for Philadelphia, and the Northeast United States as a whole, Paul moved to South Florida shortly after his graduation.

Once in South Florida, Paul became determined to enter the criminal justice system and make his voice heard on behalf of his clients. After spending a few years building a career, he decided to make a leap and pursue his passion. In the Fall of 2015, he enrolled in Shepard Broad College of Law at Nova Southeastern University. In Law School, he consistently was rewarded for his academic achievements including: Dean’s List and attaining the Highest Overall Grade in a Subject. Paul was hand-picked to represent the Law School in multiple Mock Trial Competitions. Paul received his Juris Doctorate in 2018 and then promptly passed the Bar Exam. He is now admitted to practice law in the State of Florida as well as the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Paul has excelled in every facet of his flourishing career. As a trial attorney, litigator, and experienced writer, Paul’s talents are equally applicable to a wide range of practice areas, including contract law and personal injury claims. Paul is dedicated to seeking the best possible outcome in his client’s matter at all times.  He will spend time communicating with you, so that you understand all your legal options. Most importantly, he does not fear trial.